Tourism is the most important sources of national income, which contributes a great deal to raise the standard of living
The members of the community to become a high value of our society and science to fill up our children become literate
And their role in the renaissance of the state tourism is an important factor to lift economic factors in the country must therefore be
The tourism are of great interest to all members of society and government and individuals will be interesting for tourism
Using good treatment with tourists and do not use any means of bullying with these
The visitors will be government interest in tourism by creating a beautiful hotel and breathtaking places brings visitors
It even Estmtao by the God many of the beautiful scenery has given the world and we should care about
Them and make them clean always stunning and also of the importance of tourism to the improvement of relations between the countries and each other
And increase trade exchanges between them and until that happens must be for all members of society to pay attention to tourism
They share a great deal in changing human lives, they contribute a large margin in many countries economy
Which has beautiful views and luxury hotels bring Visitors